Selection of books and articles

Selection books

1998                : Corporatism or competition? Labour contracts, institutions and wage structures in international comparison, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (with C.N. Teulings)

2007                :Human Capital, Advances in Theory and Evidence, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, editor, with H. Maassen van den Brink; paperback edition 2009

2021                :Grenzeloze Verzorgingsstaat, de gevolgen van immigratie voor de overheidsfinanciën, Jan van de Beek, Hans Roodenburg, Joop Hartog, Gerrit Kreffer, Zeist: demo-demo uitgever


Selection articles, international

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Mincer Earnings Functions for the Netherlands 1962–2012, De Economist, 164 (3), 235-253), with S.Gerritsen

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Risk Attitude and Wage Growth, Replicating Shaw (1996), Empirical Economics, 44 (2), 981-1004, with S. Budria, L. Diaz and A. Ferrer

If you’re so smart, why aren’t you an entrepreneur? Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 19 (4), 947-989, with Mirjam van Praag and Justin van der Sluis

How important is homeland education for refugees’ economic position in The Netherlands? Journal of Population Economics, 22 (1), 219-246, with A. Zorlu

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Comparing migrants to non-migrants: the case of Dutch migration to New Zealand, Journal of  Population Economics 16 (3), pp. 683-705, with R. Winkelmann

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